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TRU Construction provides high quality services for residential homes in Middle Tennessee.​ Founded on the principles for Transparency, Reliability, and Understanding TRU Construction has partnered with the most reputable manufactures of building materials to ensure that your home improvement projects have the opportunity to last a lifetime.



When you tackle a home remodeling project it's important that your best interests and the best interest of your contractor are aligned. That is why our first pillar is TRANSPARENCY. Every in home consultation (IHC) we provide comes with clear documentation on scope of work, current structure condition, and guaranteed pricing. There are no smoke and mirror shows here! In fact, when safe, we invite you to participate in as much of the inspection process as possible.



All too prevalent are the stories about how a contractor took a deposit and never returned, made an appointment and didn't show up, or started a project and didn't finish. We find this behavior completely inapproriate and very disappointing. RELIABILITY is a commitment to our customers we take seriously. When we set an appointment, take a deposit, or enter into an agreement we provide our customers very clear expectations (in writing) that we are bound to.



We fundamentally believe that an ethical contract is built on the foundation of education. To feel compleatly confident in your home improvement decision it is important that you have all the facts and information pertaining to the project. it is for this reason that our final pillar is UNDERSTANDING. We take great care to make sure that when we leave your home there are no unanswered questions and that you have all the information necessary to make an informed decision.

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